Who We Are

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GIPPCC/Greater Illinois Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition, a state-wide coalition of fabulous people with a tremendous mission: to optimize the quality of life for every child coping with serious illness, their families, and the teams that care for them.

GIPPCC members include hospital systems, hospices agencies, community organizations,  healthcare providers and heroic families dedicated to supporting children and family members in their emotional journey from diagnosis through treatment and into bereavement care.

GIPPCC impacts policy, supports families, provides education, engages in research, and develops best practices guidelines to improve care and raise awareness about the unique needs of sick children.

While we can not change a prognosis, we can change how we care for children and their families.

Go to gippcc.org for more information.

Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces is a coalition of partnerships and organizations across the Chicagoland area that are interested in enhancing efforts to support those impacted by perinatal through young adult deaths, including deaths from medical problems, trauma, suicide, homicide, or overdose.

Missing Pieces includes parents of children who have died, healthcare professionals, academic organizations, hospice agencies, private practice, community-based organizations, grief support programs, the Medical Examiner’s office, and representation from Chicago Public Schools.

The defined mission of the coalition is to support the availability and quality of resources for those impacted by pediatric death through education, program development, research, and collaboration.

Our guiding principle is that every family, regardless of how their child died, where their child died or how old, deserves equal access to support.

Visit missingpiecesgrief.org for more information.